I have dealt with my (I am 21 now). Ever since I was a child, I had trouble with being alone and basically anything else that seems scary to me. I just recently started seeing a therapist about ago, and I find that it has been working, but I am still anxious and think about things too much. My anxiety has escalated since Friday when my boyfriend left for 6 months to play . He lived with me for the past , and I became accustomed t the way things were. We slept in the same bed, woke up together, I made dinner. We had a routine down with him going to work and me going to school and work. And now, he left when he said he was going to quit and stay with me. I have been a complete mess. I am now living alone (with my ) and having trouble sleeping– I wake up every hour looking at the and when I wake up, I don’t feel very rested. And, I can’t eat– I feel like I want to, and I am so starving, but I can’t bring myself to eat. I feel like as soon as I wake up in the morning, I have to build myself back up, and it is hard for me to do sometimes. What I want is to fix this and not feel like all the time, because I am sick of it. I don’t want to take any medication, but it might be the best option right now. How can I get over this anxiety before it kills me?
Thanks, Charles, but I am seeing a therapist now. I mentioned it in my question.

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