As a symptom of anxiety and panic attacks, abdominal pain which can vary from just a slight discomfort or upset right the way through to severe cramps, is one of the most common.

It may be that it’s just an extension of the discomfort associated with nausea, but there is also the possibility of Chronic Functional Abdominal Pain (CFAP). This is the regular presence of abdominal pain that has no known medical explanation.  It is similar to Irritable Bowel Syndrome but not as common. Many of the same treatments for Irritable Bowel Syndrome can also be of benefit to those with Chronic Functional Abdominal Pain..

Chronic functional abdominal pain is typified by chronic pain that has no physical explanation or visible causes, i.e. no infectious, structural or mechanical causes can be found.  The theory is that Chronic functional abdominal pain is a disorder of the nervous system where normal nerve impulses are amplified – resulting in pain.

The thing to remember with this type of pain is not to become dependent on various powders, potions and other over-the-counter medications just to relieve the’s important that you get to the real root of the problem i.e. what’s causing either the anxiety of the panic attacks as doing that will not only ensure more pleasant feelings in your stomach I will also help you deal with any of the other symptoms that anxiety and panic attacks often play their sufferers with.

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