One symptom of anxiety and panic attacks that some people don’t seem to take too seriously is feeling cold.

As a response to the stress, your temperature can start to rise but at the same time you feel cold until your body senses it’s warm enough.  Feeling the chills or rigor occurs because you’re effectively shivering in a physiological attempt to increase your body temperature to the new level.

Comparing this anxiety disorder symptom to say something like chest pain may seem to some little ridiculous. But the truth is it’s just another way that your body responds when under stress. And it can be very uncomfortable too, if you’ve ever had the flu or something similar and you know how frustrating it can be to be sweating buckets whilst at the same time feeling cold and shivering demanding more covers to be put over you.

Now for dealing with this anxiety disorder symptom you probably won’t need to go back to bed. Time out and a warm drink will probably be more effective as a warm drink will satisfy the psychological need your body has to get warmer while the timeout gives your mind is time to de-stress thus alleviating the problem.

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