Treating Anxiety Disorder Naturally

Help Yourself

One of the most effective ways of easing anxiety is to help yourself, and one way we can do that is to do one thing at a time.

Just slow down and stop multi-tasking.

Doing one thing at a time will reduce stress and allow you to perform each task much more efficiently.

Herbal Medicine


Herbal medicines have been used for centuries and this natural cure for your anxiety…

Why not try Valeriam root?

Valerian Root has been used as a sleeping aid and as an aid for anxiety,
and many people use valerian root to great effect.

Practical Therapy


Treating Anxiety Disorder Naturally Using Bio Feedback

How about this natural way to help your body heal the effects of anxiety using bio feedback?

Becoming aware of your physical responses to anxiety and learning how to control that is an excellent therapy for those suffering from anxiety.

Body Mind Connection


Treating Anxiety Disorder Naturally Using Tai Chi

Strengthening the connection between your mind and body will reduce anxiety, and you can use tia chi to do just that.

This popular body movement exercise is excellent for
anxiety and depression and is gentle enough for people of any age to enjoy.

Work on your body

Virtually anyone can enjoy the unique qualities of a gentle work-out on your body. Find out just how many different types of practical help you can use to reduce your anxiety.

Here I suggest Shiatsu.

Working along the same premise as acupuncture, shiatsu involves using hands and fingers on acupressure points to bring about positive healing effects and relaxation.

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