Anxiety can be beaten. It just needs to be tackled one battle at a time. I’ve got 101 natural ways you can use to overcome anxiety. Let me share another five with you now.

anxieties disorder treatment using self-help Self-help

One of the most effective ways to ease anxiety is to help your self. And on way you can do that is to…

Emotions. Keep in touch with your emotions. Pretending you don’t have feelings of anger, sadness, or loneliness will just push these feeling down until they come back out in negative ways.

treating anxiety disorders naturally using kava Herbal Medicines

People have used herbal medicines for centuries. For this natural cures for your anxiety, why not try…

Kava Kava. This plant from the South Pacific is frequently used to treat anxiety. However, those with liver problems should avoid using this herb.

Practical Therapy

How about this natural way to help your body heal the effects of anxiety.

Craniosacral therapy. Reducing anxiety is among one of the many benefits of focusing attention to the skull and base of the spine through craniosacral therapy.

anxiety disorder treatments using Thai Yoga Mind-body Connection

Virtually anyone can enjoy the unique qualities of gentle work on your body. Find out just how many different types of practical help you can use to reduce anxiety. How about …

Thai Yoga Bodywork. Those who have experience Thai Yoga Bodywork love the relaxing and restorative feelings that result.

photo_1137_20060220Work on  Your Body

Strengthening the connection between your mind and body to reduce anxiety using …

Sleep. Getting enough good quality sleep each night is important to help manage anxiety. Be sure you follow a routine with consistent bedtime and waking times and don’t drink caffeine or alcohol before bed.

List of 101 Ways to Treat Anxiety Naturally

Treating anxiety disorder naturally – in a drug free way is not only possible but highly effective when done properly. Here are a few ways you can do that

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